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Monday, August 4, 2008

Using the Library is a great way to go Green!

Did you ever think that using the library would be a "green thing" to do? Can you imagine how much paper we could save by using this community resource instead of buying all of the books that we read? Most of us buy a book, read it once, and then let it sit on our bookshelves for years. Reading books from the library is a great way to save resources and be green!
The library that I use, here in Sunnyvale, CA., actually has some books that have been used to an incredible extent. There are hundreds of books in their collection that have been checked out more than 100 times! They also have dozens of books that have been checked out more than 200 times, and one book that has been out more than 300 times! It's a rare book that can take that much wear and tear without being rebound at some point to be kept from falling apart.
If you're curious as to which book was out more than 300 times, it is "If Tomorrow Comes" by Sydney Sheldon. A close runner up is "C Is for Corpse" by Sue Grafton.
The library is also a great place to find several "green titles", offering advice on everything from how to travel, cook and garden green, to making your house and workplace energy-smart.
I'm currently reading "Green This! Volume One" (greening your cleaning) by Deirdre Imus, and "Green Babies, Sage Moms" (the ultimate guide to raising your organic baby) by Lynda Fassa.
So, if you haven't already gotten a library card, why not get one? It also makes for a great place to take the little ones on an outing, and find free movies to check out as well!

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