Welcome to the ALL NEW "Monkey Baby ...going green" (Formerly known as the Monkey Baby Boutique blog). This site has been dormant for quite awhile as my life took a turn in a different direction. My children are growing up and I've been focusing on designing knitwear.
Recently I've done some thinking about continuing on with this site, and it has led me to a total makeover! I will continue to post tips on going green and creating a healthier you, healthier home and a healthier planet! But I will also be including information on sustainable knitwear created by myself and others. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of the NEW look!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another day in the jungle...

Well this morning started out with a bang! Brandon had already pulled leaves off of my artificial tree, pulled a mound of CD’s down from my CD tower, and dumped nearly half a box of cereal on the floor… All before noon! The cereal incident actually happened while I stepped outside to check the mail… Does anyone else’s children do these things? Sometimes I wonder! I’d love to hear your monkey tales too! So, leave me a comment with your stories!

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