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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Brookfield Zoo & Serta Counting Sheep

Weather permitting, we are planning a trip to Brookfield Zoo tomorrow! Yesterday we were under a Tornado Warning... with lots of rain... hmmm... and as I type this it just started raining again! Hopefully it will all clear up by morning... (fingers crossed) Caitlin is really looking forward to going to the zoo... and to be honest, I am too! I've always loved the zoo! Especially the monkeys! My absolute faves are the Golden Lion Tamarins and Marmosets! I've loved them since childhood...

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I just downloaded all the pictures off my digital camera to make room for the zoo photos that I hope to take tomorrow... Here are a couple that I couldn't resist sharing with you!

Oh Brandon! What a messy mess!!! Doesn't he look like he's trying to hide from me? I will normally feed him myself if it's something really messy (to avoid this)... But I thought I'd let him have a go at it for a change!

Look out behind you! Is that a giant sheep? No, it's just a cardboard stand-up of the Serta Counting Sheep that we ran into while shopping at Menards. I couldn't resist getting a picture of the kids with it! You can actually view Sheep Commercials and download desktop wallpapers HERE!
Look at the time! Well, I think I'd better get some sleep if I'm going to get up early tomorrow... I look forward to sharing our zoo trip with you!

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