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Monday, August 27, 2007

Toy Recall

As I was glancing through today's newspaper, I noticed an article about the Toy Recall... As a parent, I've been shocked at the number of items they've discovered that contain high levels of lead. Just recently I even heard that some vinyl bibs purchased at Toys R Us were among the list! Anyways, back to the article that I read today... I can totally relate to the author, ... You can read her story here: Can't they recall a toy because parents hate it? I REALLY relate with this paragraph:
"My husband and I fight a constant battle with a growing collection of toys that the kids have outgrown or rarely play with, yet which they ferociously protect whenever we try to, shall we say, move them along." Yes, this could be my husband and I that she's writing about!
On to the Zoo! We DID make it to the zoo yesterday! Against all odds! I will have to post some photos tomorrow... They're still on my digital camera at the moment. We had a great time despite my aching feet! I wore a brand new pair of Bass sandals and they rubbed sores on my toes and heels... Ouch! Guess I should have broken them in first...
The kids loved the zoo and they did wonderfully until we stopped to sit down and eat lunch. They wouldn't sit still. The only high chair left had a broken buckle, so I couldn't strap Brandon in. He kept standing up in the seat. Then a couple of minutes after my husband had left to find a restroom, Caitlin decided she wanted to go with him. So she took off in the direction that he had gone, and here I was with Brandon in one arm, chasing her all the way across the restaurant and halfway down the staircase! (Mind you, our food and the diaper bags were still sitting on the table) So you can imagine how frustrated I was! It's seems funny now looking back, but I was definitely not laughing at the time!
Brandon fell asleep in the car on the ride home... Little guy wore himself out! He actually wanted to walk most off the time while we were there. Caitlin on the other hand, wanted to ride in the stroller. Once we got home I realized just how tired I was too, so I hit the hay with the kids!

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