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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is there anybody out there?

I just added a counter to my blog this afternoon, because I am curious as to whether anyone has found me yet. So far it's still only showing 1 visitor, and more than likely that was me! I'm really new at blogging, so I'm anxious to see how this works and how long it takes to show up in Search Engines, get visitors, etc... I'm actually reading a book about blogging that I picked up at the library. It's titled Blog Wild! and it's written by Andy Wibbels. It does have some helpful tips and information in it... But the tutorials in the book are based on the TypePad platform. All in all though, I think the book is worth checking out if you're new at blogging!
While I'm on the subject of the library, mine has a section of books that are for sale. These have mostly been donated and are in "like new" condition at bargain prices! I bought one the other day that caught my eye, and it only cost me $1! It's titled The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. I couldn't pass it up because the cover reads "The New Way to Stop the Daily Battle of Wills and Raise a Secure and Well-Behaved One- to Four-Year-Old" Wow, this sounds exactly like what I need right now! I plan to start reading it next. I'll let you know what I think and whether it helps out or not.
On a lighter note, I finally got a chance to watch a movie tonight after the kids went to sleep. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which I also checked out from the library! I had never seen it, but had wanted to ever since I saw previews for it when it came out. That just goes to show how often I get to see movies! Anyways, it wasn't what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a lot more depth to it than I thought it would.
Last but not least, I added some banner links to the right hand side of my frontpage today. Be sure to sign up for the FREE BABY STUFF and then check out the Limited Edition Pink Jogging Stroller (which benefits breast cancer research), I think it's so cute!

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Gina said...

Oh, I really like that you mentioned movies,I saw the, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood as well. I really liked it, thought is was a very cute movie. I felt sorry for the one girl, whose dad had another family. Or the other girl who was a bit pushy with that guy from soccer camp or whatever. I did really like the character of the girl who went to Greece though. She was a cutie who had that whole first time love thing going. Ha ha ha. Good post! : )

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