Welcome to the ALL NEW "Monkey Baby ...going green" (Formerly known as the Monkey Baby Boutique blog). This site has been dormant for quite awhile as my life took a turn in a different direction. My children are growing up and I've been focusing on designing knitwear.
Recently I've done some thinking about continuing on with this site, and it has led me to a total makeover! I will continue to post tips on going green and creating a healthier you, healthier home and a healthier planet! But I will also be including information on sustainable knitwear created by myself and others. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of the NEW look!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Monkey Baby Boutique Update!

I finally got the eco-friendly Hemp Baby Slings listed in my shop! I'm really excited about finally finding some Organic product companies out there that are willing to work with me!
I also had another fabulous find a few days ago! As you all know, Robeez are all the rage these days! I even posted a pair of the Robeez Monkey Red Soft-Soled Leather Shoes in a previous post.
Well, by serendipity, I stumbled upon a young graphic designer in Portland, OR that is actually crafting and designing this style of shoes herself! The quality is comparable to Robeez, with unbeatable prices and unique, one-of-a-kind designs! So... of course I contacted her and she has agreed to let me carry her shoes in my shop! You've got to check them out! They are so adorable!
Just click the Bugaloo link on my page!

(update on Nov. 9,2007) The Bugaloo shoes are no longer available on my website... The designer is taking some time off from crafting these for a little while)

I'm also in the process of adding Soft Star Baby Shoes to my site. These are also amoung the most popular soft soled baby shoes these days. They're lightweight, flexible & breathable, and their designs are recommended by children’s podiatrists for simulating barefoot conditions.
There you have it! I have been a "busy bee" lately... Staying up until all hours of the night... researching products, contacting companies, and working on stocking my inventory! Nobody told me that this would be so time consuming! LOL But I'm loving every minute of it! And I can't wait to find the next "gotta have it" item!
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